Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"The Posture..."

The great teacher Rolf Gates says, "The posture never ends." He talks about how he teaches "flow yoga" and how in flow yoga, the transitions are the poses just as much as the poses are the poses. I love his simple quote because it is so easy to to imagine how yoga moves off the mat: me getting off my mat is the pose, me putting my mat back on the shelf is the pose, me sliding my shoes back on is the pose, me getting my car keys, walking out to my car and on and on from there, is all the pose.

Rolf says, "I am in the posture when I look into my wife's eyes, and I am in the posture when I look into my waiter's eyes. Both are holy interactions. The illusion is that there is separation, levels of importance, beginnings and endings."

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