Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Corpse Pose It"

A few months ago, a client of mine was talking about a really important decision she made regarding her kids. She said, "I don't know if it was the right decision, but it's the one I made, so, I guess it must be the right one." "Good one, " I told her. Her simple words have stuck with me; they have such good wisdom in them.

Rather than agonizing over whether or not I made the right decision, I would like to do a better job of trusting. And giving myself permission not to have to make the right decision. How I am supposed to know? What if there is no right? What if it's all just experience? What if I can change my mind? Wait! I can change my mind!

The most important part of yoga class comes at the very end when we "do" something called savasana. "Sava" means corpse and "asana," in a nutshell, means posture, or pose. We're "doing" a lot of things when we do savasana: we're practicing meditation, we're practicing dying and while we're doing these things, we're letting the body TOTALLY relax. As the body relaxes, it receives the benefits of all of the other asanas we have done during the practice.

It's not lost on me that savasana is a much nicer way to punctuate the end of something than to sit around obsessing about whether or not I did that something right. And savasana is something I'm actually pretty good at. Next time I want to go back in forth in my brain for hours about whether or not or this or that, I'm going to knock it off, I'm going to get out my mat and corpse pose it. 

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