Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Put the Timer On It

The other day I was talking with someone whose sleep schedule has been shifting; they said that in order to adjust to it, they'd like to start taking naps. I suggested one of my fav pastimes, Restorative Yoga. I said, "It could work too if you promise yourself you'll lay still with your legs up the wall for 30 minutes. Just put the timer on it."

When I teach Intro to Meditation classes, one of the main things I talk about is how important it is to have a timer. I honestly have no idea how I would meditate without one. By starting the timer, I give myself the time not think about time and other worldly concerns (although sometimes ALL I think about is worldly concerns) and focus on my breath--which reminds me of my connection to God and helps me to feel all sorts of other magic stuff.

I've started to use my timer other times too; it's my subtle little way of being "in meditation" even when I'm not at my altar. Today for example, I had the morning off, no appointments until one o'clock, and SO much that I wanted to do. I had a gazillion emails to return, I wanted to take a big bite out of spring cleaning, I had a few phone calls to make, tipsandtricks to write and I wanted to meditate and do yoga too.

I set the timer for three hours to clean, one hour to return emails, one hour to return phone calls, an hour and a half for yoga and meditation and a half hour for tipsandtricks. I didn't finish everything, but I got a lot done in a lot of areas.

At Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, we spent a lot of time talking about how important it is to be comfortable with our emotions, whatever they are, so that we can be comfortable with our students emotions, whatever they are. Judith talked about how sometimes when she's in a really sad mood she also "puts the timer on it," and gives herself a good 15 or 30 minutes to feel real low; and just like in front of the altar, when the timer dings, something has changed.

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