Friday, February 21, 2014

It Accumulates

If you come to my yoga class, you may know that I love taking an inhale in a lunge, then straightening that front leg and coming into in a forward bend on the breath out. After a certain student of mine had been taking my class every week for a few months, she told me about how doing that over and over again "accumulates." "Nice word for it," I thought. She said she could feel how repeating that simple sequence as much as we do was opening her hips and hamstrings.

I see the same thing with my B.E.S.T. clients who are committed to coming every week, and even the ones who are committed to coming every other week. Their consistency continues to raise the bar of their awareness and how good they feel in their bodies and in their minds.

Each positive step we take towards our health and our own well-being, and away from unhealthy patterns and relationships really is a step, and with each one, we get further away from what we're letting go of. 

Each day we practice, each day we're kind to ourselves and others propels us into an even better tomorrow; it does accumulate. Mr. Iyengar says "The highest point of yesterday  should be the lowest point of today;" dang that's forward-moving action.


Jordana said...

this is so weird...i was just thinking about that sequence yesterday from your classes and incorporating it into my teaching!!!! definitely a sign :) love keeping up with your posts!

Liz Fox said...


Ashleigh Beyer said...

GREAT story Jordana! SO sweet and thank you SO much for sharing. DEFINITELY a sign:)

Liz: :)

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