Friday, December 13, 2013

We Saw a Fox

After my baby car accident, I felt like I might slippery slope down into funk. Sometimes, it seems like focusing on what's not working is easier than focusing on what is working; does that sound familiar? I had tea and tarot cards with my famous neighbor Lynne, and she and the cards reminded me not to dwell on the negative.

Focusing on the positive, I recalled that we saw a fox while we were driving up my street to dinner one night when my dad and step mom were in town. Feeling that fox medicine might have something to do with movement, I consulted Animal Speak, "The legs of the fox are adapted for running. Their favorite gait is a trot, and it is believed they can trot indefinitely without exhaustion or the appearance of such. Few animals of similar size can outrun a fox. Learning to establish a trotting pace is essential to those with a fox totem for their overall health and success. The fox also runs in such a way that the tracks look like a single line of footprints. During the trot the feet are placed almost directly one in front of the other." (Andrews 1993, 275).

You know me, for better or for worse, I can get down with a good old round of naval-gazing. These  days however, it's feeling much better is to just keep on keeping on.

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