Friday, November 22, 2013

Make Bold Choices

Did you guys know that my hairdresser, William, is also an actor? Today we were talking about the advice Brian Cranston gives to aspiring actors in the great interview that went viral a few months ago. William was saying that in auditions it's important to "make bold choices."

Don't tell, but back in college, I was in a comedy troupe. When we held auditions, I thought it was so silly if the people trying out were nervous; we were kids, just like them.

I am reminded of comedy troupe auditions sometimes when I teach to people who have never done yoga before; sometimes it seems like they're afraid to do it "wrong," when, in fact, there is no wrong.

Miles Davis said, "Don't fear mistakes, there are none."

Let's not be afraid, let's make bold choices, especially when it comes to being who we are and going for what we want, let's learn from our experiences and, remember, we're all just a bunch of kids.

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