Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How's Your Magic?

The place I work in Santa Fe is kinda fancy; there's lots of nice things there, like natural face lifts, organic cotton clothing, and raw cacao smoothies. What I like about it though, is the people who work there. There's one gentlemen, Victor, who works in the retail section, and from what I can tell, he's a superstar at life. One time instead of asking "How are you?" he asked me "How's your magic?"

*Fantastic* point Victor. We ALL have magic. My job is magic. I say some stuff, people do some things, and when we're done, they feel better. But what you do is magic, too. If you're the boss of people who get paid to work for you, and because of that money they can heat their house and buy coats and mittens for their kids--that's magic! If you used some wood from the forest to build a fence around your house, where there wasn't a fence before--that's magic! Making soup is magic. Putting a jar on top of a spider and a piece of paper underneath that jar, flipping it upside down and carrying the spider outside to free it, rather than smashing it in the bathtub is magic--you just saved a living creature's life! Flossing is magic, teaching someone how to read is magic, drinking herbal tea is magic--oh my gosh you guys, herbal tea is so totally magic.

Love is absolutely without a doubt technically magic.

Love who you're with, love what you do, practice your magic everyday.

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