Friday, October 11, 2013

"This is Buddha"

There are times when I question why the universe hasn't let me off the hook from being a yoga teacher, and then there are times when I have answers.

Yesterday was one of those answers times. I am currently studying Restorative yoga with the lady who wrote the book on it, Judith Hanson Lasater. She articulated so well something that is important to me. She said that yoga is about "finding and living from unconditional regard for myself and everyone."

One of her mantras for when she's out in the world is a kind of reminder. While interacting with people, she says to herself, "This is Buddha." And then she thinks the same mantra for the next person she interacts with, "This is Buddha."

But wait! That's not even my favorite part! To her, it doesn't matter if the person she's interacting with is actually not Buddha. She says she doesn't even care if that's not the truth. She says, "I like how I feel when I believe that thought." Me too.

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