Friday, October 25, 2013

Release Out of Me

Sometimes in my voice lessons, we work on pretty hard songs, and sometimes, we work on fun ones. Before we start working on the songs though, we do a warm-up. My favorite warm-up is when we lay down on the floor and "sound" all of our chakras.

Although I love that warm-up so much, I've struggled to stay out of my head during it; the first yoga teacher training I did teaches to teach based on the chakras, so I've been studying them for a long time. The last time we did the chakra warm-up was different though. On that particular day, I was not at all in my head and rather than making the sounds for each of the chakras, it felt like I was releasing them. Turns out, that's a good access for me to take when it comes to singing a song too; to just release it.

In fact, that's a pretty good way for me to approach a lot of things in my life as I tend to over-effort and have tension in my body and my mind. I can set an intention, and then, rather than trying so ding dong hard to do everything so right, I can let my work, my love, my words, you name it, release out of me.

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