Friday, September 20, 2013

Turtle Beyer

Have I ever told you guys my mom calls me Turtle? I like my nickname and I sign all my correspondence to her "Love, Turtle," and I even put "Turtle Beyer" in my return address on envelopes. My mom's been calling me Turtle for forever, so it's funny that just the other day it dawned on me to consult Animal Speak about turtles.

A certain friend of mine really liked it one time when I said something like "The truth is always changing." I think I might have been exaggerating a little; I don't know if the truth is always changing but point is, it can.

A good example of this truth changing stuff is that I used to be able to drink two or more cups of coffee in the morning no problem. In fact, two cups of coffee was my standard. The other morning, due to an unintentional change in routine, I only had one cup. It was the best: I got to learn that I'm not an anxious, clumsy, rushing mess naturally for the first few hours of  the day--I've just been drinking too much coffee.

Not only have I been drinking too much coffee, I have forsaken my namesake, "Because of its great age and slow metabolism, the turtle is also associated with longevity. Long life and groundedness within life is part of what is associated with the turtle. It does not move fast. It is as if, on some level, [the] turtle knows it has all the time in the world. Turtle medicine can teach new perceptions about time and our relationship with it." (Andrews, 1993, 364).

These past few mornings with only one cup of coffee, I've thought a little about what I would do if I had all the time in the world, and it's a lot. It's great to feel that I can, and more effectively without an added edgy haste.

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