Friday, September 27, 2013

A Good Day for Practice

Sometimes I love those mornings when I've had too much coffee or I'm running late or I didn't have time to meditate. On those days the rest of my day becomes my practice because I need it.

Not sure if love is the word I would use to describe my feelings towards this morning however. Within the first five minutes of being awake, I found out my best friend's mother died unexpectedly yesterday.

After talking to my best friend, I overwhelmed myself by thinking of all of the things I should or could do for her. Should I fly to New Hampshire right now to be with her? Should I cancel my day and pray? Could I skip this week's work to do that? Does she even want me to?

I opened to today's date in Courage to Change, and there was my answer, so simple and clear:

"'If only I had infinite wisdom,' I secretly think. 'If only I could see everything before me, a clear path, the knowledge of how I must spend each moment of life!' But in meeting after meeting of Al-Anon I am reminded that I can only work with what I have today. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. What's more, I am probably better off not knowing. If I knew what was coming, I suspect that I would spend all my time trying to run from painful experiences instead of living. I would miss out on so much great stuff. I can trust my Higher Power to lead me through this day so that I will be prepared for the future when it arrives and able to work with whatever it brings. This leaves me time to enjoy the many gifts life has to offer, time that would otherwise be spent worrying. An old maxim says, 'It'll shine when it shines.' If I am willing to listen, I will receive all the information I need when the time is right. 'Just for today' I will know that I am in good hands." (Al-Anon Family Groups, 1992, 271).

Good news for this good day to practice: I am willing to listen.

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