Friday, August 23, 2013

Lucky Bamboo

Last week, when I was doing the dishes, the ring that I've had on my right hand since 2006 broke and fell off. My first instinct was to be sad, I love that ring so much; but then I remembered a few years back when my lucky bamboo died.

For so long, my lucky bamboo was my only plant and it thrived with my undivided attention. One day out of the blue, it just up and died. I was sad to see it go and worried about my fortune without it; things had been going well, without my lucky bamboo, would everything turn to shit?

That day at yoga, my teacher could tell I was distracted and asked me what was wrong. "My lucky bamboo died," I said."That means you didn't need it anymore," she said.

My best friend is good at losing things. If she looses her glasses, if her iPhone breaks or her purse gets stolen, she takes it well. I super big time respect that about her; I have a harder time letting stuff go.

When I think back to what my life looked like when I put that ring on my finger, I can see clearly that I don't need it anymore. To let it go feels the opposite of sad, happy actually. 


MS said...

I am. I am very good at that. ;)

Ashleigh Beyer said...

Dude. The best. :)

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