Friday, July 12, 2013

High Notes and Low Notes

Holy geez, my voice teacher is so deep. We start all of our lessons practicing silence. Then we sing. I'm working on a really hard song called, "If I Were a Boy." Don't worry, I don't try to sing like sing like Beyoncé; the point is to put my own spin on it. I don't have back-up singers or anything, it's just Liz playing the piano softly while I sing. Even still, it goes pretty high. So when we're warming up, Liz super big time focuses on getting me to be comfortable singing low. She says that "when we deliberate on the lower notes, it's easier for the higher notes to open up." I know! She's super deep.

My friend Alison wrote on facebook "More and more I think we're not here to DO but to EXPERIENCE. So the question then, is not 'What should I DO with my life?' but 'What should I EXPERIENCE?'" Well said Alison. And it's easy to think of big stuff like, goals, careers, you know, whole-life stuff when looking at a question like this. What if we opened it up to feelings, sensitivities, just tiny little everyday stuff? I can experience the stress of trying to get too much done in one day, I can experience the grudge I feel when someone isn't that nice to me. Then maybe, just maybe, the "higher notes" can open up: I can experience the elation of being present during my morning hike, I can experience the enjoyment of laughing with my friend, I can experience the trust I feel when I know everything's going to be ok.

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