Friday, July 5, 2013

Today is My Altar

I've been having lots of feelings lately. One feeling I had was a deep deep sadness about what happened to the firefighters. The other morning, I got side-tracked reading articles about them online and I didn't have enough time to meditate. Instead of being super cranky at myself for not getting 20 minutes in front of my altar, I decided, "Today is going to be my altar."

Turns out, that was a pretty good idea. While I was driving, I didn't listen to music: the road was my altar. While I was teaching my private client: our practice was my altar. And when I was making chocolate pudding: my kitchen was my altar. I tried to be the activity at hand, to notice the tone of my mind, my body and my breath and not to take those tones too seriously, cause they're always changing. Sometimes, I was happy and sometimes I was sad, but mostly I was just witnessing each moment, like how I witness my thoughts when I sit and meditate. Yeah, pretty good idea.

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