Friday, June 14, 2013

Listening to What the World is Saying

To come clean with you guys: for the past long time, I've been kinda apathetic about teaching yoga. Perhaps this happened for many reasons, I know about two of them. Reason #1: for many years, I taught at this crazy place that asked a lot of its teachers; it was an incredible experience, but not necessarily the right experience for someone (like me) who's already a perfectionist. So we're super clear, I will always be grateful for that experience, I've just had a yoga teaching hangover from it for almost two years. Reason #2: it's been a long long time since I've had a teacher who was a yoga teacher, someone I could look up to, someone I want to study with; it's been a long time. This apathy towards teaching yoga has been great for my other ambitions. Ready to give up teaching, I've gone to school, become certified and started to practice the only process in my life that has been more profound than yoga: B.E.S.T.

About a year ago, when I became certified to practice B.E.S.T., I gave up some of my classes and said to the world, "I am going to start teaching a lot less." I wanted to focus on B.E.S.T. and eventually see maybe just one private yoga student a week and teach one group class. Turns out, my little idea was not the same as the world's bigger one. Since my proclamation, I have received more offers and been given more opportunities to teach yoga than I can even count. Sometimes, I said "yes," most of the time I said "no." And then a couple of weeks ago, it finally hit me, "People really like it when I teach yoga and I can't stop them, so...I guess I'll join them." I looked at what I needed to do for myself to enjoy teaching more. I bought some books and I've started to research doing another teacher training. Then I looked at my schedule and realized I wanted to do something about the one place I taught that didn't really inspire me. That same week, I got an email from a friend of mine who owns a beautiful private gym and yoga studio. Turns out, she can read my mind. She wanted to talk because she thought I might be ready to stop teaching at that place that didn't really inspire me, then she invited me to teach at her gorgeous space. I started teaching there this week and I have so much enthusiasm about it: I can ride my bike there, I have a lot of respect for my friend who owns the place and the students are glad to come and take my class. I want to do a good job, for the first time in years, I want to be a better teacher.

When I finally decided to listen to what the world was saying and not to not resist it, I began to relax. In that relaxing I felt grateful, I am very blessed, teaching yoga is a great job and it keeps me so honest. Things shifted and I love my new schedule, from my opening to gratitude, my world got even better than it already was and it was pretty darn great before.

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