Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Follow That Swallow

On the way to our hike the other day, I was talking to my new friend Judy about the benefits of meditating. "And," I threw in at the end, "it's so great for perspective. I don't know about you but I believe all of the arbitrary rules I create for myself. When I meditate, I realize I don't have to believe any rules. My to-do list only rules me if I let it."

While we were hiking, Mike pointed out the bat-like birds that were flying high above us. Swallows. Cuuuuute.

According to Animal Speak, "The swallow is a graceful flyer, and it actually spends little time on the ground. This is important for those with this totem to remember. Do not allow yourself to become too deeply enmeshed in the mundane. If a swallow has shown up, it may be telling you that you are weakest when trying to handle things from strictly a mundane perspective. Rise above it. Move beyond, so that you can gain a better perspective." (Andrews, 1993, 194).

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