Friday, June 28, 2013

A Day as a Prayer

The other day I woke up in a major funk: I hadn't slept very well the night before, my brain was squeezing itself from all the futurizing I was doing, and this one thing was really really bothering me.

Gosh I'm so lucky that teaching yoga and giving B.E.S.T. treatments ask me to be 100% present; I can't get away with worrying while I'm working, and on this particular dark feeling day, I had a lot of commitments in my little appointment book.

Inspired by the relief I had felt keeping it simple in meditation, I decided to just focus on one subject. When I wasn't working, I decided I could pray for the one item that was genuinely bothering me, and nothing else. For that one day, I didn't allow myself to worry or pray about anything else, when I was in my car, I didn't even listen to the radio, I just prayed.

Unexpectedly, my day felt like a reprieve from regular old not-praying-all-day days. Every time a thought entered my mind that wasn't my prayer, I sent it away and re-focused on the matter at hand. And for reals you guys, the next morning when I woke up, what had felt so heavy had lightened--it's not completely gone, but it's better; and it was valuable for me to be reminded about doing just one thing at a time. One thing at a time I can do.

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