Friday, June 21, 2013

Bless Your Heart

Yesterday, I was listening to this lady Cyndi Dale speak on Soundstrue podcast. She is so much better at explaining things than me. She talks about how science is late joining the party when it comes to the subject of auric fields. "Shamans of yore" and ancient artists depicting the holy ones have always known about auric fields. In science, they call it our electromagnetic field or EMF. She says, "Your field filters energy and information, it protects you from negative and intrusive information and it attracts to you what you need." She then goes on to talk about Kirlian photographs, which are pictures of energy fields.

What's particularly interesting is the research that has been done about the heart's electromagnetic field, "Your heart's EMF is actually 5,000 times greater than that emanating from your brain." Cyndi Dale goes on: "Your heart's field not only determines how you meet and greet the world, but the health of your entire being. When you're in a positive place, when you're holding positive emotions such as love, hope, truth and faith, the field emanating from your heart literally bathes all of your cells, all of which emanate electromagnetic fields of their own, as well as the entire field around you."

When I was in college, I had a lot of tummy aches. Someone I trusted recommended I go to a doctor who specialized in insomnia, so I did. Dr. Shane asked me to breathe into my heart. No one had ever asked me to do that before and I had a hard time locating it. When I finally did, it felt tense, I suppose because I had never payed attention to it before. All of Dr. Shane's meditations (even the ones for sleeping) begin with the heart, breathe into your heart, every side of it, cultivate a warmth towards it. Sometimes it was hard, or I would cry, but I did feel a warmth in my heart and it was easy once I felt that warmth to spread it down to my belly or any other part of my body that was in pain. My tummy always felt better and I practiced Dr. Shane's meditations on my own for years.

Bless your heart by breathing into it and your whole being will be blessed too. Go on. No one can see. 

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