Friday, June 7, 2013

Being That Place

I am so lucky to have a client who does work that is very similar to mine. The other day, we were talking about using B.E.S.T. and other techniques to remove interference that keeps us from, as my client says, "Being That Place."

"That Place" is the place where the answers are, it's the work you want to do, it's the love you want to give. Whatever you're doing, whatever you're giving, it is that.

When I'm in a yoga pose, I do my best to eliminate any part of me that is not that pose. I notice my thoughts when I'm meditating, that way they don't hinder me when I'm not. I try to get a good night's sleep every night; it's better when I don't drink an extra glass of wine. There will be less obstruction between me and that place in my everyday.

With certain things I do, it's harder to be that place because I'm new to them. Recently, I was gardening, something I have no experience with. I had a lot of questions, and once they were answered, I did my best to be the task. There was less continuity than with things I already know, but in that moment, gardening was the work, and I want to be the work even while also learning the new. I can be more present by relinquishing my ownership of what I do and what I give. I can keep letting go of the "me."

That "me" is so little, so absolutely tiny compared to the freedom and the flow that is being that place.

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