Friday, May 3, 2013

Feeling Strict

My friend Doug and I were joking last night about how strict I am when I'm teaching yoga.

See, I have some wild and crazy folks who come to class and they sometimes need a little reigning in. For example, I teach two days a week in a room at a gym that has mirrors on the walls. Sometimes I have to remind people to "look at the horizon" rather than at their reflection when we're in Tadasana.

Today's class started like many have in the past. I said, "Let's inhale together deeply for the sound of om," after which, a few folks started in on their oms as early and as loud as they could. "Maybe they think it's a contest," I thought to myself. More likely, they might be a little nervous or want to get on to the next thing.

At the end of today's class, feeling strict, I said, "We'll close our time together with the sound of om once more. And like pretty much everything else in life, om is really just about listening."

Boy did I show them: their om was so open, clear and most especially, present.

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