Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Good Couple of Days

All of a sudden, a few days ago, I wanted to defend myself. Somehow instead of defending, I remembered something that my teacher Jen said once: "Defending is fighting." I knew for sure I didn't want to fight.

So I waited with my feelings and I remembered a Pema Chodron quote my genius friend Hilary told me once, "Patience is the antidote to aggression."

The situation was resolved the next morning peacefully with very little defending from me. Then I finished reading a wonderful book on yoga called The Art of Attention. In the one of the last few pages of the book, there is a quote from Red Hawk:

"We are so conditioned to believe that when we see a problem we must immediately fix it, that one of the most difficult things to do in this work is to observe without interference, neither judging nor changing what is observed. Lay down your sword and cease fighting weary traveler. To fight is a trap."

It was a good couple of days.

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