Friday, April 19, 2013

Speak Only

Despite what you may have supposed from my last post, I have become totally media-addicted to the Boston bomber manhunt story. I told my voice teacher that I had been listening to talk radio all morning and was perplexed to find that some radio stations chose to continue to play songs. This is very unusual behavior for me. Typically, I can keep a healthy perspective on media, carry on with business as usual, and enjoy a good Stevie Wonder song when it comes on.

I mentioned to my voice teacher that I longed for the clarity I felt after returning home from my silent retreat. She decided to start our lesson, for the first time ever, with silence. I've never sung better.

If you can explain to me why someone gets to be the balloon in this image and the other person doesn't, I'd appreciate it. I like it anyway. I agree with what Bri Maya Tiwari says, "My voice is my most sacred power, I use it only to express my inner truth."

That's all I have to say.

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