Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Hare Krishna Friend

I've been thinking a lot about that one time I went on a silent retreat; it was SUCH a relief not to have access to texting, phonecalls, emails and facebooks. On my break from those things I realized just how much time I spend thinking about what I phonecalled, texted or facebooked. Words are so powerful; what I say to you and what you say to me could potentially change our realities.

I had a friend a few years ago who all of a sudden became a Hare Krishna. When I asked how she was different now that she was a Hare Krishna, she said that since becoming a Hare Krishna, mostly the only thing in her head was Krishna. My Hare Krishna friend was still a productive and helpful member of society, she paid her bills, got to work on time and remembered to call her mom back, but instead of obsessing, worrying or wondering she was just thinking of Krishna, imagining him; he was her ultimate truth.

I got my tarot cards read and was told that Pisces can be obsessive. Obsessive? Me? Don't tell! When I think about what I obsess about, it's usually about words I said or wrote and how whoever I said or wrote them to took them. These days, when I catch myself doing that, I try to instead think of God. "God" doesn't work for everybody which is why my friend chose Krishna, you can choose your breath, which, in a way, is God, because it's how you're alive. You could inhale the thought "Let" and exhale the thought "go," if you're a recovering control freak like me. "Sat" on the inhale and "nam," on the exhale essentially means "truth is my identity," and is a great mantra to connect with the truth that you are and can be. Our voices are great gifts, and they have great power: try to use the voice inside your own head to be kind to yourself and others, focus on what you can change and don't torment yourself about what you can't.


Luke said...

yay Ash, thank you for this reminder. I'm going to think of this sparkling krishna gif next time I start sliding into something less amazing :)

Ashleigh Beyer said...

:) Isn't it beautiful?:) Thanks so much for reading Lukey!

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