Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Friends at the Post Office

One time when I was in line at the post office, the post office clerk guy called up the lady in front of me. "I want my mom," she said. Turns out, her mom works at the post office. Her body language then made it clear that she was going to stand by and wait until her mom was finished with her customer. "Me too," the post office clerk guy instinctively said. "Me too," I impulsively followed. We all had a good laugh and then the lady in front of me got to go up to her mom's portion of the counter.

This feeling of wanting your mom might be one you're familiar with. I remember the first time I felt particularly aware of it as an adult; a kind of homesickness, it came upon me all of a sudden one week. I talked to my teacher Jen about it, she said it came from a desire that a lot of us have to be "taken care of." Jen has a helpful and firm way of always putting the responsibility of the feeling back on the feeler. The way we feel isn't anybody's burden but our own. Now, when I'm hit with this "I want my mom" feeling, I remember my friends at the post office who know how I feel and I GO BIG with one of my favorite pastimes: self-care.

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