Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't Drop Me in the Water

Because I work at Ojo Caliente, I have this really sweet hook-up called "I can soak there whenever I want to for free." The reason I wanted to work there so bad was for the free soaking: I LOVE it there and it costs between $14 and $30 to get in. Because it's a 45 minute drive and I go every Sunday to work, I don't often *feel inspired* to drive out there the 6 other days of the week. When I first started, I would get there as early as I could and soak as much as I could, you know, make up for all of that lost time I wasn't soaking. "This is such a good deal!" I thought, "I should be taking advantage! These waters are so healing!"

Turns out, waking up at the crack of dawn to drive in the desert to submerge myself in water over 100° for as long as I can, before teaching two yoga classes, and then driving back makes me feel tired. So I don't do it anymore. Yep, I rarely ever take advantage of my super sweet soak at Ojo for free deal.

At first I felt bad, but now, I feel good. Not every good thing, no matter how good it is, is the right thing at any given time. What works way better for me is to get there just a *little* bit early to go for a walk by the river and then head to the yurt to meditate. Ojo is a special spot, the geothermal mineral waters there have been flowing from a subterranean volcanic aquifer for thousands of years. Someday, when I don't work there anymore, I'll probably go there regularly and sit in those pools. Right now though, it's more restorative for me to stay the heck out of them.

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