Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rocks and Progress

A friend of mine told me about a yoga class she took recently. The teacher kept referring to "progress on the path;" you know, just kinda noticing and acknowledging the progress you've made. "Great idea," I thought, "I could use more of that myself." I have a tendency to only notice BIG things, like when my business plan succeeds and I'm living the dream. But finally binding on the right side in Pavritta Parsvakoasana can also be also major cause for celebration, showing up for class on a cold morning is, in itself, a party.

I often take a morning hike by myself on Sundays and this last Sunday's walk was a particularly good one. I wasn't freaking out about not owning a tiny house or working on letting go of sadness, I was just in the moment, without even really trying to be. And I was just grateful, just because I was, I was just so grateful.

Walking along, I was suddenly dazzled by a beautiful and sparkly rock, without a thought, I picked it up. Twenty or so minutes later I was awed again by a gorgeoous orange stone, so I picked it up too.

A momentary pulse of guilt came over me, "I am stealing from nature?" I thought. "No," I decided, "these are souvenirs from my walk. I will keep them as reminders to how good I can feel; progress rocks from one of my favorite paths."

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