Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don't Follow the Guru Unless

Back when I first started getting B.E.S.T. treatments, I was really into this thing called "checking the field." During a B.E.S.T. treatment, the practitioner communicates with your subconscious mind through your body. At the end of the treatment, your conscious and subconscious minds are updated and synchronized to the present moment, thus your body can deal with present condition versus past trauma or future stress. At that time of being synchronized and balanced, it is possible to ask your energetic field "yes or no" questions. Now that I'm a B.E.S.T. practitioner, I know that the body has a very distinct way of communicating "Yes" versus "No."

Back in the day, I used to ask the field pretty much everything, "Is it positive for me to have a birthday party or just go out to dinner with some friends?" "Can I eat the gluten free bread they serve a Souen?" "Should I move to Portland, Oregon?" For a while, the field humored me and answered most of my questions. There came a time, however, when everything was coming up unclear. "Just sit with it," my teacher would say, "you have the answer, be with the questions a little more and the answer will come." As Ganga Giri says in one of their songs, "Don't follow the guru, you are the guru." Especially in this story! After all, the answers are coming from YOUR field.

Great idea not to follow the guru unless your guru is an adorable German Shepherd mix named Smokey. If Smokey's your guru, follow him. He's usually right, and work can be put off a little longer: what the morning is really calling for is a walk in the graveyard.

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