Friday, February 15, 2013

Burnout or the Blues

A couple weeks back, just for kicks, I went to see a local highly respected Doctor of Oriental Medicine. We had a lot of fun because I didn't have any physical complaints or illnesses we needed to address. I had a feeling he was going to tell me to stop drinking coffee and then he told me to stop drinking coffee. He picked up on some athletic stress in my body and some psychic stress from my work because I haven't done my 10,000 hours yet.

He also told me that sometimes I mistake tiredness for sadness. Do I ever. I have a big time tendency to fill up my calendar with work and social commitments; I'm still working on cultivating more alone time, time for nothing and back-to-the-well time. Often when I finally realize how exhausted I am, I can't imagine leaving the house for the rest of the afternoon and I mistake that burnout for the blues. The truth that I deal with fatigue much more so than melancholy comforts me. No way in heck am I ready to give up coffee yet, but I did cut my intake in half.

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