Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The C Word

Ok kids, I'm just gonna come out and say it: I'm a big fan of colon hydrotherapy. Yep: colonics. I recommend them to my friends all the time for different reasons, if they have a cold, if they're trying to give up dairy, if they're feeling constipated, the list goes on.

I recommended a colonic to a friend of mine who was sick over the weekend. My friend told me that they had heard colonics and enemas could be addictive. I replied confidently that I'm sure they could but if I had never gotten addicted then certainly my friend wouldn't either. And then my friend asked me how often I got them. I felt kinda defensive, but then I remembered that defending is fighting and I just answered their question.

If I had felt like fighting I would have said something like, "Have you ever known me to feel as sick as you feel right now? Nope. That's because colonics are a part of my wellness management."  Wellness management is something that I feel very strongly about. Our culture typically tends towards crisis management, only asking for help when there's something wrong. I try and take good care of myself with B.E.S.T. phone sessions, and colonics on a regular basis, and I exercise, do yoga, meditate and eat an alkalizing diet to feel good every day. Of course I still feel under the weather sometimes, but typically when I feel poorly, it's just because I need more rest. As a wellness practitioner I run into people all of the time who think they can't afford to implement a wellness program. I feel like I can't afford not to. Being sick always costs more.

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