Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let the Healing Begin

One time, when I was at a B.E.S.T. seminar, the teacher talked about being grateful for what you what as if you already have it. He mentioned specifically something he does at the beginning of each one of his client's sessions. When the client lays down, Dr. Brown immediately feels grateful for all of the healing that has already happened, just by virtue of them calling, showing up, and laying down on the table.

I was talking to someone the other day who said he was nervous to go to yoga. He had never been to yoga before, and, you know, anything could happen. Talking with him about it made me remember the first time I ever went to Laughing Lotus, the place where I ended up going to yoga school, teaching, and meeting all of my best friends. But that FIRST day, I didn't know anyone. I remember thinking, "Why's everybody being so social? How the heck do they all know each other?"

Turns out  gratitude is a great way to combat any kind of nervousness, whether it's social anxiety before yoga or nerves sitting in the waiting room before a job interview. Before yoga, even if you do know everybody, go ahead and lay down on your mat. Even though you may be tired and dreading the practice, allow a sense of relief to set in: you made it. If you can't lay down because you're in a waiting room before surgery or about to go in for the big interview, do your best to combat your nervousness with relief. Relax as much as you can; being nervous won't help. You got yourself here: relax and be grateful. We've all heard the stories of people who tense up right before they're in a car accident versus people who don't see em coming and are completely relaxed at the moment of impact. Those folks who "don't know what hit them," have less serious injuries and almost always recover more swiftly. Your body is a powerful machine; give it some time and space, feel good, and let the healing begin.

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