Friday, January 25, 2013

I Measure My Success

Last week, I got really confused. I was talking to a friend of mine who had recently moved, with her husband, into their very own tiny house. At first, I was excited for her, they built it themselves, they had been looking for and finally found a field in which to put it, and I love tiny things. Then my friend said something like, "I'm just so relieved we own our own house. No matter what happens, we'll always have our tiny house." This particular lady is not the only person that I've talked to who had the big dream of owning a house.

I had been in a funk all week and when our conversation ended, I felt like I failure for not also owning my very own tiny house. I'm nowhere near buying a house, tiny or otherwise. Then, I freaked out about how far I am from buying a house for the next day and a half. Finally, on a much needed solo hike in the high desert, I got some clarity.

While walking, I started practicing The 5 Steps of Forgiveness. I forgave the world for causing me anxiety, I gave the world permission to forgive me for feeling anxiety. Yes--It's okay with me if you think I'm crazy. At last after releasing the feeling around the confusion, I was able to find some clarity. "Oh right!" I remembered, "I don't measure my success based on money or material possessions. I almost forgot! I measure my success based on how many people I can help feel better, more connected, and happier." Phew.

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