Thursday, January 10, 2013

Easier Said Than Done

One time, a mentee of mine said something that I very much related to. She said, "Ash, I'm afraid I'm going to be too tired." Yep, I know that feeling. In fact, sometimes, I schedule social plans with an eye on "Will I be too tired?" At the time, I responded assuredly with something like, "If you take the time to rest completely when you are tired, you will have energy when you feel like you need it." Easier said than done.

Do you guys have an "eco-dry" button on your dryers? I came over to Mike's house after work (tired) to hang out with our dog and do laundry. I chose the eco-dry setting because I am a sucker for anything called eco. The "time remaining" indicator hasn't been going down, it's been going up. I appreciate the honesty, really I do, but I got shit to do. About an hour ago it said there was 9 minutes left and then about 15 minutes ago, it said there was 24.

In the strange purgatory of the "eco-dry" setting, I have not gotten anything done. Distracted by the long list of errands I want to run before the sun goes down, I have not rested. In fact I have been the picture of restless, I've had 3 snacks, played with the dog, read half of a lot of articles in the newspaper, and checked my email 4 times. I've written about this before, back then, I was writing about doing, totally different than resting, relaxing or even just being. Dryer purgatory or not, can YOU rest if you're tired in the middle of the day when nothing's been checked off your list? If so, you're my hero.

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