Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clearing the Air

A few weeks ago when I was feeling freaked out, I was fortunate to receive a phone call from my highly intuitive next door neighbor. "My vibe is that you're fine," Lynne said in her South African accent and pretty much that was all of the convincing I needed. She was right, I was fine. Good to hear it from her though.

She reminded me that I do highly transformational work for lot of different people each week in my tiny apartment. She told me I need to continue with my true efforts to keep myself and my space protected from all of the things that people let go of while they're here.

I had been doing a good job of smudging my space and myself before and after each session but it was time to add another element. Lynne suggested I fill a spray bottle with water and a 7-10 drops of lavender essential oil and spray it around my house before and after all of my appointments. Something about negative ions and water being good because I'm a water sign, but it works really well for everyone. I kinda don't even care how or why it works because I can feel it. The tiny water drops create a lighter energy, my nighttime dream life has calmed down and the nervous nonsense that was driving my brain around in circles has subsided.

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