Thursday, December 27, 2012

Present in the Next Moment

One thing I don't love about winter and being cold is that I find it harder not to rush and to stay present. It has come to my attention that although I like to think that I am present each moment, in fact, I am often anticipating the next moment. It's the in-between that I have trouble with: unloading the car, waiting in line, holding for the next available operator. These moments, although they might be less satisfying than moments when I'm inside and warm or talking to the operator, are still moments that I want to be present for. It is my intention to focus my attention more in the in between.

One of my teachers taught me about a rhythm of walking meditation: "Step, sight, sound, sense." In the in-between, even though I may prefer to space out and scroll through facebook on my phone, I will try to administer the rhythm. I will look at what needs to be addressed, and if there's nothing for me to do but wait, I will enjoy the colors and shapes of the things in my surroundings. I will feel my feet underneath me, enjoy the sounds around me and tune into the physical sensations I am experiencing.

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