Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holy Coyote

Back when I was a teenager, I learned how to drive and did so for about a year before moving out east, where I relied on public transportation for 12 years. For a little over a year now, driving has been apart of my life again, and sometimes, I get a little nervous. The quickest route down to the big city is beautiful and I'm also not totally psyched to drive it in the ice or snow.

The other day when I was scheduled to be in Santa for a 9 am class, I took the long way. The long way is only about 10 or 15 minutes longer, but feels crazy-move-totally-way-out-of-the-way. Confession: I took it even though there wasn't ANY ice or snow.

And now I know why! A coyote, in the frosty dawn, ran across the road right in front of me. OH BOY did I need to hear what coyotes are for: "(Coyotes) remind us not to become too serious and remind us that anything is possible. Are you or those around you being too serious? Have you forgotten that play time is essential to health? Are you complicating what is really simple in some area of your life? In the tarot deck (the coyote) is The Fool card. Its energies are simplicity and trust" (Andrews, 1993, 261). You are totally right, coyote, I have been taking pretty much everything too seriously, which, actually, feels totally out of step with this time of year. Game on.

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