Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can I Get a Witness?

Last week this weird thing happened when I heard an ad on the radio for career opportunities...at the radio. Remembering that someday I want to be a radio DJ, I sent in my resume and was offered a first interview and then a second. It felt funny though because the job I was applying for wasn't for a DJ. I struggled with my actions: was I doing what I was doing to get my foot in the door or out of some kind of fear? I spoke with my teacher about it and she felt it was very natural for me to be interested in radio as a medium. She reminded me that I love words and that communicating is a skill of mine.

She then blew my mind when she reminded me of one time, years ago, when I asked her if she was ever going to write a book. She told me that words aren't her thing, so book writing wasn't in her future. The story goes, after she said that, I asked her to tell me if she ever wanted a ghost writer and she told me to go ahead and write everything I wanted to, that she didn't even want "credit." Years later, completely forgetting that conversation, here I am, every Tuesday and Thursday, writing about the things I learn, and I've learned so much from her.

I love it in songs and in church, when people say or sing "Can I get a witness?" Yesterday I went in for my second interview at the radio station and told them I wasn't their girl. A marketing career, although it might be fun, would not leave enough time for me to do what I really believe in. Now more than ever, I believe in stating my dreams out loud to people I trust. Sometimes too afraid of failure or disappointment, we can forget our dreams. I am grateful to all of my witnesses for helping me remember.

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