Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Field

Puke-fest 2012: on Saturday, I spilled water on my laptop. I moved quickly to get it off using gravity; I turned it off and dried it for 24 hours and then when I turned it back on, the trackpad worked but not the keyboard. I was relieved when I walked into the local computer shop first thing on Monday and turned it over.

Those 24 hours when it was turned off and I didn't know if it was going to work or not were rough. I tried my best not to worry and keep it positive. Turns out it's better for all of me when I keep it positive:

"Your conscious thoughts, attitudes, and choices determine the type of energy that you project into your field*. The more positive, the better. For every experience you have in life, no matter how bad the experience is to you, recognize the lesson being "taught," and find some element of good in the experience. Realize that every experience--especially a negative experience that makes you "feel bad"---is a lesson for you to recognize and learn from. Identify something good in the experience. Finding the good may not make the experience any less painful; however, finding the good injects at least a modicum of positive energy into the situation."--Dynamic Health

*"Your personal field is your direct link with the universe and all of the of the information in it. Your field, like your body, isn't isolated and it isn't static. Both body and field are dynamic. Ever active. Your field, like your body, is effected by its internal and external environments. Your field is ever-present and ever-changing. It can be vibrant, it can be subdued. We might say that your field can be "healthy" or it can be "sick." And the health of your field determines the health of your visible body....(T)he biggest influence on your field-health is your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feeling affect your field, your field effects your health."

I'm grateful for less time in front of a screen, for my best friend who has spilled water on her laptop many times before, and my boyfriend for letting me use his computer for these tipsandtricks. Nothing but white girl problems up-in-here and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

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