Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Condition My Condition Was In

I like practicing gratitude every day and I don't particularly like the holiday "Thanksgiving." It seems like a very nice idea, but every year I struggle with how the nice idea gets carried out. This year was no exception.

I committed to plans with friends and food, as I often do. And when today arrived, I didn't feel like it, like I often don't. But I knew it'd be fun if I pressed on and followed through with my commitments. It was a close call when I got home from running errands, to prepare a food dish,  to leave for the party, but I did make time to sit and meditate. As soon as I sat down I realized how deeply sad I felt. I am a big believer in feeling how you feel and I was grateful for taking the time to figure out just how I felt. Believe it or not, what did make me feel better was to allow myself to feel sad, to not cover up that I had been crying, and go to the party.  I had a good time, but I believe holidays, just like anything, don't have to be pleasant. Often it's the fighting to make them so that makes them just the opposite.

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