Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sides of History

The other day I was talking to someone a generation or two older than me. He said he was "violently opposed to gay marriage."

The book I'm reading right now talks about chaos as a good thing: "In a healthy body, chaotic information is available to every DNA molecule. Chaotic completeness is the raw material of development and life. When chaos diminishes, old age begins. When people retire, the amount of chaos in their lives is dramatically reduced. Of course, that's what most "working people" look for--a little less chaos, stress and general mayhem. But with retirement, many people become even more set in their ways than they were before. They "know" how things should be and they have a tendency to become quite negative when the world around them is different from the way they think it should be. As we become older in thought, we have a tendency to become "set in our ways." We have a firm "mind set." Which means our thinking is not as flexible as it once was. When our thinking becomes "rigid," we are not as open to new ideas and information. And our field follows suit. Workers face stimulating energy enhancing situations that exposes their minds to new thoughts and their fields to new quanta of chaos for the DNA to process and make coherent...Chaotic energy can be viewed as "creative energy"or "complete energy" or "total energy" or "collective energy."

I told my best friend about the conversation I had with the gentleman "violently opposed to gay marriage." She said at this point, it's just a matter of "which side of history do you want to be on?" I agreed. And I'm glad I'm on the same side as "collective energy."

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