Thursday, November 1, 2012

Intention Appropriation

You guys, I teach yoga in a yurt. Every Sunday, it is part of yoga class policy to ask each student to write down an intention they have for class, their day, their year or their life on a piece of paper. I hand out the pieces of paper which are made out of seeds. After class, the students pin their intentions up on the Intention Tree. From there, the seed papers are gathered in a box and eventually planted in the Intention Garden, just east of the yurt. Some students fold their intentions up before pinning them to the Tree, while other students pin theirs up boldly, the words of their longing in full view, should anyone care to see.

I couldn't help but notice one lately that said: "Discipline: Quality not Quantity." DAMN. That's GOOD. This is something I have been working on for a while now but without being able to articulate it so succinctly. Occasionally in the past, I have felt bad for things that I knew, really, there was no need to feel bad about---like practicing yoga at home rather than going to class, skipping my Morning Pages, or not volunteering more at CAV, like I told myself I would. I even spoke to my teacher about these feelings, she said it sounded like my perfectionism was rearing its ugly head. She reminded me that everything I do is between me and God, there isn't some magic checklist somewhere and I'm certainly not getting graded on this. Big time relief.

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