Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doughnuts in my Mind

Girlfriend over here has been a bit of a wreck. I spilled water on my computer, lost an envelope on the way to the post office, and my car has been making a funny noise. Good news though: everybody is being really freaking nice to me, which is makes the whole being-a-mess thing easier. The folks at the computer shop were super kind about my mistake and helped me make decisions and move forward. My friends have been lovely, my boyfriend let me use his computer lots of times and the lady who's hosting my workshop in December said she'd make the flyer for me. All of the guys at the auto shops I've been to have been sweet and helpful even though it's hard to say if anything's not working.

Basically I want to blow up my spot and tell everyone how much I love them and bring them all doughnuts. Not all acquaintances and strangers I come across really get the whole me-loving-them thing. And maybe it's a little big to bring all of the employees at AutoZone treats when just one guy said, "I don't know Miss, it might be your battery." So I try and stay cool and just bring people doughnuts in my mind. Sometimes I'm more general about it and just, you know, send them love. Yesterday, I couldn't be cool anymore and brought doughnuts to the computer shop people in real life.

More good news: they didn't mind at all.

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