Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Impeccable with Your Everything

I was talking to my super cool friend Luke yesterday about being impeccable. I was telling him the story of how I spilled water on my laptop. Last weekend, even though Saturday's are usually my day off, I had a client in the morning who was coming back again the next day in the afternoon. Because it was the weekend, and I teach all day Sundays, I didn't re-set my house to being a house. I put my massage table away, but I did not put my coffee table back to its usual spot, thinking to myself, "Heck, I never use it for coffee, anyways."

Because the table was not in place that afternoon, as I listened to a lecture on my computer, my computer sat on the ground--where it never usually sits. Wouldn't you know it? The one time my computer sat on the ground is the one time my water bottle's cap isn't all the way fastened, which is the one time I'm feeling particularly tired and clumsy without a day off, and is the one time I have a $1200 accident. Even though I prefer not to use the word "should," I SHOULD'VE known -- because I can't get away with anything.

And by anything I mean I can't get away with not doing everything impeccably all the freaking time. The one time I don't turn my heat down while spending the night at my boyfriend's is the one time my landlord needs to come inside to look for a leak; the one time I accidentally run a stop sign is the one time I get a ticket; the one time I break the new hardcore-movie-theater-rules, is the one time there's a movie theater cop who catches me and confiscates that same stinking water bottle.

Despite having to do everything all the way all the time, I am grateful to be me. I hope that what I think of as "me" is in a kind of constant evolution towards being a more aware, more patient, and more giving person. And as Lous Brandeis says, "There are no shortcuts in evolution."

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