Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Lines The Vacuum Cleaner Made

As a child, I had a difficult relationship with the vacuum cleaner. I was terrified of its big loud noise and ability to suck anything in its path up and into its backpack. But, I also remember in its wake and after the noise was over, the lovely lines it left on the carpet. I used to try and save those lines for as long as I could in any given room, although invariably steps upon them would make them disappear.

During my current transition into being a BEST practitioner, I am giving treatments at my house. My house is, thank goodness, small and very sweet. People like coming here; they say they feel love, and it smells good. I also still live in my house. Most nights I still make a dinner in it. Most mornings, I still make a breakfast in it. I sleep in the get the idea. Usually these days you'll find me cleaning. I do my best to make sure my house feels super clean for each client who walks in, even antiseptic. I also like my deck to feel clean, as it's the first part of my space each visitor encounters. Almost everyday, I sweep leaves off the deck and rub rainwater off of the furniture. The task feels Sisyphean to say the least as the leaves are just beginning to let loose and fall all over it. But I do it everyday anyway, and I remember something one of my teachers said once about goals. Easily we think of goals as an end result, those last few minutes when the task is finished or the achievement completed. It's nice to remember as we work towards goals, that every moment we've spent on any given goal: realizing, practicing, studying is with us at the goal's completion.

My task will never be complete. Leaves will fall on my deck as soon as I put my broom away, winter will come and I will get out a shovel. But each moment I spend clearing and cleaning today will make my moments in the winter easier. Some folks say "practice makes perfect," other folks say, "practice make practice."

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