Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jet Lag City

Once, I knew a full-blown-adult-lady who was dating a man much older than she. You know, like, older than her parents. And although they were a happy couple, she didn't want anyone to know. As for those of us who figured it out, she didn't want us to talk about it. There's a word for this in BEST: segmented. The term segmented applies to the many ways our being can react and survive in light of  trauma, stress, or even, good old fashioned judgement. The gal in my story was doing one thing but presenting something else. For certain sensitive folks, this can feel very distressing. Other folks might not feel it but a physical symptom could very likely crop up.

I had some groovy friends back in New York who explained that jet lag is a symptom of our bodies traveling faster than our souls. I've been in the throws of jet lag fairly consistently for the past few weeks and my favorite symptom has been dreaming of the other place. When I first got to Rome, I my dreams were still taking place in Taos and now that I'm back in Taos, lots of my dreams have been in Rome.

Speaking of New York, I remember when I lived there I didn't really GET all the fuss about eating local. Because I never saw the farms, the whole idea was kinda lost on me. In my search to cure myself of jet lag, I have discovered it helps to eat root vegetables. I get it! I'm not grounded, so get something in me that is. Because I'm super competitive, I thought could do one better and eat stuff from the ground right here. Lucky duck me, I have friends with gardens who are pulling up kale, raspberries and carrots right now. Mostly lately, I've only been eating food that came out of the ground nearby and recently. It feels like medicine drawing me back, and I'm getting closer: last night I dreamt I was in a boat in the ocean and on my way.


sukie said...

this was awesome ash!! thanks so much for sharing! I am in france for three weeks with a stop off in ireland and so yeah, this helped me and yes making a "normal" life wherever you are makes you feel like you are you here there everywhere!!! yahoo!

Ashleigh Beyer said...

You are SO WELCOME Suey! Have a GREAT time in France and Ireland being totally normal. I love you!

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