Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear Cary

You may have noticed from my last couple of posts, that I've been going through it. I'm turning the corner on it, but there was a rough bit there. I consider myself a recovering control freak. And sometimes, my perfectionism rears its ugly head. During bouts of neuroticism, I'm inclined towards over-processing, my internal chatter is often about something like sweeping the kitchen floor again and I get competitive with myself about going to yoga or sweating everyday.

At these times, it is important for me to spent more time sitting still with my breath, rather than partaking in constant talking and doing. It's also important for me to re-read these words from this guy:

"You think if you don't have a relationship, or you don't have a car, or don't have a job, that things will just fall apart. But they won't. Or, to be more accurate, things already have fallen apart.

   So relax.

   Start paying attention to what makes you feel good and secure, and do those things that make you feel good and secure. "

I realize this friendly reminder that things have already fallen apart may not comfort everyone and I respect that. For me though--this is music, relaxing music.

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