Tuesday, August 21, 2012

At Wounded Bee

As I was driving on the Hondo Seco Road this morning, I had the window rolled down about two inches. Suddenly, I felt something small, like a pebble, crash into the car, in through the gap of air, and hit my shoulder before falling in my lap. I kept my eyes on the road as I reached down to scoop it up with my right hand and throw it out the window. I looked down once I had it and was startled to find it was a wounded bee. I threw it out the window quickly, fearing it would sting me and my car would crash. That would blow.

Honestly, I think about bees pretty often. My boyfriend is a Beekeeper, and so is his best friend. My aunt thinks my boyfriend is the bees-knees because he keeps bees. The list goes on. But to have one blast in on me during a peaceful morning drive sent me straight to Animal Speak: "If a bee has shown up in your life, examine your own productivity. Are you taking the time to savor the honey of your endeavors or are you being a workaholic? Are you attempting to do too much? Are you taking time to enjoy the labors and activities you involve yourself in? The bee helps remind us that activities are more productive and sweeter if we take time to enjoy them."

I'm grateful for a silent meditation retreat I attended recently that helped me realize I like being busy. Continuing to work on becoming more present has helped everything: anxiety, digestion, communitcation, you name it; but to actually notice myself enjoying everything---because I do---is the next step.

Big thanks, bee.

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