Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feeling Important

I've been holding out on a coincidence that exists inside my life and thus, tipsandtricks. On September 13th I did a post called The Albuquerque Room. I found myself in that room when I was on a road trip and visiting some hot springs; the final destination of my trip was meant to be my new home of Boulder, Colorado. The name of the motel where they have the lovely Albuquerque Room is called the Lomita Motel. I now work at those hot springs and live on a street called La Lomita, approximately 40 miles Northeast of that room in the city that became my home: Taos, New Mexico. I drive past that room every Sunday on my way to and from the hot springs, where I teach a few yoga classes, and I've been meaning to reread that post.

Over the weekend someone told me they were sad after hanging out with a person who made them feel unimportant. Also over the weekend I spent time listening to various people tell me about their own unique physical symptoms. Next, I had a lady come up to me after she took my class to tell me she got a strong intuitive hit about my future. After she told me what she saw,
I went into great detail about how what she was perceiving sounded more like my past and proceeded to tell her about MY ideas of my future. I couldn't help but smile when I noticed her body language demonstrate that she was done with our conversation when I was only a year or two in to MY fascinating ideas of what's next.

For real, one of my favorite parts about teaching yoga is a conversation I have often that begins with me saying something like, "Is there anything you want me to know about your body?" Some people make a joke and say, "It would take way too long to tell you!" Some people say they have a knee injury and know how to take care of it, but more often than not, people go into great detail about this state-of-the-art surgery they had a year and a half ago or this funny way their back feels after they got a massage yesterday. I love hearing these stories, and I am genuinely interested in them because I'm there to help these folks with their stories take care of themselves. I remember when I first started taking yoga classes, I had a big long story, too.

And I remember how important I felt in those two seconds when the lady came up to ME to tell me about my great future, and the success I was going to find. And I believe we're all really special. And I also believe that we're all not that important. When my friend told me he was feeling sad and unimportant, I reminded him of a Milapera quote to "Never spend more than 7 nights with someone who doesn't know you can be enlightened in this lifetime."

I finally got around to rereading that Albuquerque Room post this morning. Wouldn't you know I'm just writing the same old things now that I was back then, yet it still feels unique and somehow new.

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