Thursday, June 7, 2012

Maybe The Other Moths

One of my main gigs these days is catching and releasing live moths from my apartment. Although this may not sound like the most romantic way to pass time, the great Sufi poet Rabia says, "The Moon Was Once A Moth." Turns out there are approximately 160,000 different species of moths, so who am I not to free them? Now that we've got the whole moon thing covered, maybe the other moths become stars.

The Moon Was Once a Moth
by Rabia

The moon was once a moth who ran to her lover, they embraced, and she ultimately passed away with such a smile everywhere on her body.
Over a period of time, her wings fell to the earth and sanctified the meadows. Angels came and buried the limbs that touched His mouth.
The moon was once a moth who ran to God, they entwined. Now, just her luminous soul remains and we gaze at it at night.

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