Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vallecitos Mountain Ranch

A few weeks back, because I have been struggling with my meditation technique, I moved my altar.  I usually sit on a cozy cushion in front of various objects which remind me of everything's eternity.  That day, I moved just myself and my breath to a spot in front of the river to sit, and sit I did. The change was exactly what I needed.

Today, I'm taking my altar to Vallecitos Mountain Ranch to practice silence, sitting and walking meditation for 6 days. My parents think I'm kinda weird, and my mom wants me to bring snacks. Another friend suggested I bring something to help me feel comfortable, you know, a balance for the austerity. I struggled to think what that might be. "Duh," I finally realized and lucky for me, I take comfort in what is already coming with me: my breath. Check. Ooh, that and a pillow.

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