Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Three Legged Crow

When I came to Taos a few weeks before my move to look for apartments, I met a man named Crowfeather. He told me Taos Mountain welcomed me and gave me a crow's feather for protection. He also gave me some rocks for other reasons. I forgot about that crow's feather until the other day when it somehow slid back into sight on my dashboard.

One thing you should know about me is that I have a super-groovy neighbor named Raven. I would like to be besties with her, but we're both just so darn busy. A few weeks ago I figured I ought to look up "Raven" in my Animal Speak book since she's been my neighbor for almost six months now. The Raven section of the book referred me to the Crow section of the book, and Little Miss A.D.D. over here lost momentum.

Then yesterday I wore my hair down, and everybody went live on me. "DUDE, you look SO good!" "Wow, you look so different, you should wear your hair down EVERY DAY." "I didn't even recognize you, I thought you were Sheryl Crow!" Goodness gracious everybody, thanks, geez, eh. Sheryl Who? Nobody's ever told me I look like Sheryl Crow before. Guess it's finally time to get with the whole crow program.

Big section, that Crow section of the book, and I think I will reread it many times. These two sentences are what I needed to hear now: "In China a three-legged sun crow was worshiped. It was the symbol of solitude." I've never even heard of a three-legged crow! Far-out.

Speaking of Raven and being too busy, I am in the process of making a better commitment to time alone. There are so many answers in solitude. A great teacher of mine once told me that it doesn't even matter what I DO in that time, she even mentioned "puttering or rolling pennies, whatever works." Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a world-class putterer. Rolling pennies might just be my next big thing.


jesgale said...

Oh I just loved that link to "A great teacher"! I know all about that, I thought to myself.

Ashleigh Beyer said...

Damn skippy!

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